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Antoine Bonnet and John M Kennedy, before Bonnet's upcoming premiere of "Fugues, echos, fragments".

ASCAP Plus Award

  • I have received my 21st ASCAP Plus Award. Thanks to ASCAP for their recognition of my work, and to the many performers who have performed my music over the last year.

American Music Review article on the Roy Harris Archive at CSULA

2014 Performances: "The Wall" in Los Angeles, new sextet premiere in St. Petersburgh, Russia.

Opaque Silence: Flash (Symbia III) US premiere

  • Armenian violinist Lusine Harutyunyan, first prize, Malta International Music Competition, gave the US premiere of my solo violin piece Opaque Silence: Flash (Symbia III), February 25, 2014, CSU-Los Angeles.

The Wall: A Musical Misdeed

  • The entire month of January was spent work-shopping and bringing to life "The Wall", a musical adaptation of Jean Paul Sartre's short story. This one-hour, one-act "non-opera" featured baritone Nicholas Isherwood. The creative trio of me, director Tanya Kane-Parry and librettist Alicia Tycer are very proud of this work and look forward to future performances. Stay tuned.

Soundways-St. Petersburgh, Russia

  • In November my new work for mixed sextet will be premiered in St. Petersburgh, during the 2014 Soundways festival. The concert will be repeated in Los Angeles in early 2015 with the same US and Russian composers in attendance.

 Malta Master Classes and Competition
Working with Armenian violinist Lusine Harutyunyan on my "Opaque Silence: Flash" in Malta, April, 2013.

Composition Master Class in Malta, July, 2014

2014 Malta Compositon and Improvisation Master Class

You are listening to my "5 Reflections on 'Nefertiti'", performed by Jeremy Keller, guitar, Dan Clucas, trumpet and the composer on double bass.